Sapo is the most popular fun game in South America. Enjoy this with your friends and family and have fun while challenging everyone with a coin!

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How to play Sapo Game

The game is very easy to play, simple and entertaining:

Toss / throw 10 tokens to the SAPO GAME Asia at a distance of min 3 meters

Our game has 22 challenging holes with different point system values, aim for the metal and SAPO GAME Asia logo frogs for the highest ones, In the case that a player inserts the token into one of them he/she must yell SAPOOO! and make a wish

Add the points of each player and the one with highest score Wins!


SapoGame ASIA

History of Sapo Game: Some attribute the origin of the SAPO “frog” GAME to an old Inca legend. In this culture frogs were worshiped for their magical powers. During the festive days gold pieces were thrown into lakes, being that if a frog jumped and ate the piece, it turned to gold and was granted one wish the shooter. In homage to so many wishes come true, the Inca king build a large SAPO “frog” in gold with which all royalty had fun. It was a game of suspense and skill, where the joy and dance mingled in a single ritual: Pukllay SAPU (SAPO GAME)
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Sapo Game Asia, The Game - From South America now available in Asia.
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SapoGameAsia will be playing games at Bangkok Hospital Phuket on the 19th of November 2016. Join us if you can or have the guts and skills.
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The traveling Sapo....
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